How to Measure Your Yard

Written By Ben Niven

We have a few tips that will help when measuring your yard for sod. Depending on the amount of space you need to measure and the size of your property, measuring your yard for sod should take less than an hour! Simply Sod recommends that you have the following items with you while measuring: measuring tape, pen, paper and calculator. You will need to measure the length and width of your area. Be sure to measure once, then measure the same spot to verify your calculation. Our sod is typically delivered in 450 square foot or 504 square foot pallets depending on your delivery location. Once you have your total measurement, you can divide that by our pallet size and you will have your total pallet count needed. Simply Sod always recommends ordering on the high end of your measurement. If you are short a few pieces, you will be glad you did!

Quick Example:

Length of yard = 50 feet

Width of yard = 100 feet

50ft x 100 ft = 5000 sf

1 pallet = 504 sf

5,000 sf divided by 504 sf = 9.93 pallets. Round up to order 10 pallets.