Spring Maintenance Tips

Written By Peter Honeycutt


Spring is the most important time of the year for your yard. With warmer weather, this is the time of the year that your sod needs some extra help to insure that you have a healthy sod throughout the rest of the year. We at Simply Sod have a few tips for you to insure that your yard looks beautiful for the next year.

  1. Lower the mowing height on your mower Lower the mowing height on your mower at the beginning of March for all Bermuda & Zoysia yards. Lowing the mower height will help the soil warm faster allowing for a quicker green-up. This will also allow many spring weeds to be more easily controlled.

  2. Apply pre-emergent weed control. Applying pre-emergent with weed control will help to prevent spring weeds, but also provide extra nutrients for faster greening.

  3. Consider aerating- The health and beauty of your sod are only root deep. Overtime the soil beneath your lawn gets compacted, which impedes root growth. A healthy lawns need air, water & nutrients get reach through the thatch to be able to reach the roots. An aerator can punch or slice through he turf and thatch into the soil to reduce compaction and allow for air, water & nutrients to reach the roots. Most lawns benefit from an annual aeration, especially those that are heavily used or with heavy clay subsoil.

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