When To Fertilize

Written By Peter Honeycutt

Simply Sod recommends to wait six to eight weeks after you lay the sod to apply fertilizer. Using fertilizer is important for new sod. You want your grass to be green and healthy. Most importantly, fertilizer helps your roots to attach firmly to the soil. Also, it encourages stronger growth that can stand up to frequent mowing.

If you install your sod in the fall, you should wait for the spring until you apply fertilizer because it is dormant. However, you will need to continue to make sure your sod doesn’t dry out.

The most crucial rule to remember is not to apply any fertilizer for at least 30 to 60 days after laying down the sod. In the beginning, the root system is short and unable to absorb the nutrients. Most of the fertilizer will end up in the soil under the sod where it is unreachable by the little roots. However, if the sod appears yellow and not growing well, you can apply 30 days after installation.

It is important to fertilize more than one time to ensure your sod is established and growing properly. After your first application, wait another six to eight weeks. For the second fertilization, you should use a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content. An ideal selection is a 20-10-10. You will want to use more fertilizer for the second application. Instead of one pound, you should use two pounds for every 1,000 square feet.

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